Petit Piton measures 2,461 feet or 739 meters and is the smaller of the two Piton Mountains. Although smaller it is the more strenuous climb of the twin peaks and suitable for experienced climbers only.
Gros Piton is St.Lucia's second highest peak at 2,619 feet or 786 meters. It is an easier climb than the sister Petit Piton and takes approximately 2 hours at an easy pace. The views at the summit are spectacular but why not find out for yourself.
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One of the most visited and photographed locations in St.Lucia are the Twin Mountain Peaks of The Pitons St.Lucia. This icon of the Spirit of St.Lucia was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. Located near the town of Soufriere, on the West Coast of St.Lucia, the Piton Mountains are a part of a volcanic complex which includes a geothermal field with sulphurous fumeroles and hot springs.

The St.Lucia Piton mountains are volcanic plugs, volcanic spires, the taller being Gros Piton at 771 meters (2,530 ft) high, and the Petit Piton is 743 meters (2,438 ft) high; they are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge.

The twin peaks of Les Pitons are the most prominent features of St.Lucia and are visible from almost all parts of the island as they dominate the St.Lucian landscape. These symbols of St.Lucia are featured on many business logos and there is also a very popular local beer named after these famous landmarks.

Climbing The Pitons
For the more adventurous and certainly visitors who are fit, using a local guide, it is possible to climb to the peak of either Gros Piton or Petit Piton. Petit Piton is the more difficult challenge since it is steeper. Other than the satisfaction derived from climbing such peaks, the view from the top is reward enough and a fitting memory to take home.
UNESCO World Heritage Site The twin peaks of The Pitons was made a World Heritage site in 2004. The 2,909-ha site near the town of Soufriere includes the Pitons St. Lucia, two volcanic spires rising side by side from the sea (770 m and 743 m high respectively), linked by the Piton Mitan ridge.

The volcanic complex includes a geothermal field with sulphurous fumeroles and hot springs. Coral reefs cover almost 60% of the site's marine area.

A survey has revealed 168 species of finfish, 60 species of cnidaria, including corals, eight molluscs, 14 sponges, 11 echinoderms, 15 arthropods and eight annelid worms.

The dominant terrestrial vegetation is tropical moist forest grading to subtropical wet forest, with small areas of dry forest and wet elfin woodland on the summits.

At least 148 plant species have been recorded on Gros Piton, 97 on Petit Piton and the intervening ridge, among them eight rare tree species.

The Gros Piton is home to some 27 bird species (five of them endemic), three indigenous rodents, one opossum, three bats, eight reptiles and three amphibians.
Climbing The Pitons Many visitors to St.Lucia decide to climb The Pitons. Those who took the hike, experienced the unforgettable, breathtaking views from the summit, saying that although the venture is strenuous it was well worth the experience.

The Pitons St.Lucia guides advise carrying plenty of water and a strong but comfortable pair of shoes. Most of the hikers choose to climb Gros Piton, but remember it can be a struggle for those of you who are unfit and not used to this type of activity.

There are many Piton Tours available from very experienced and knowledgeable guides. A choice of climbs and trails are offered, therefor you can elect to take a less strenuous trail tour through the tropical rainforest surrounding The Pitons.

Most people decide to climb Gros Piton as it is an easier climb rather than climbing Petit Piton due to fact that it is very steep.

It is relatively easy to get to The Pitons, with a choice of Bus, Taxi or Car Hire. Use our online guide to help in deciding the best option for you.
Scuba Diving The Pitons The town of Soufriere is home to The Pitons and offers some of the finest scuba diving and snorkeling in The Caribbean.

Experience the exciting and inspiring underwater life off St. Lucia's West coast. Scuba dive or snorkel in the calm, clear, warm waters of the Caribbean sea and marvel at the amazing peacock flounders, octopus, needle fish and turtles, not forgetting the sea horses, parrot fish and moray eels.

The establishment, since 1995, of The Soufriere Marine Management Area (SMMA) has provided a protected natural breeding ground for a very wide range of coral and reef fish.

Soufriere offers some of the top dive sites in St.Lucia, including Piton Wall, Coral Gardens, Superman's Flight, Keyhole Pinnacles, Fairyland and Turtle Reef.

Piton Wall, located at the base of Petit Piton this dramatic wall drops from the surface down many hundreds of feet. It is covered with Sea Whips, Gorgonians, delicate soft corals and lots of Feather Duster Worms. This is a colourful dive with lots of different things to see.

Sulphur Springs Probably the most visited tourist attraction in St.Lucia are the Sulphur Springs. Located near the town of Soufriere, the springs are part of a collapsed dormant volcano. A seven acre crater of bubbling multicolor sulfur deposits, and other assorted minerals boiling and steaming on the surface and is also considered the world's only drive-in volcano.

Also popular amongst locals and visitors are the mud baths which are said to have therapeutic and revitalizing qualities. You can immerse yourself in these black pools or rub the black mud over your body and then wash it off afterwards.

The last eruption of the volcano was in the eighteenth century and it is now considered dormant. Although the bubbling mass of sulphur is fenced off, for protection, you can stand just a few feet away to enjoy the mixture of iron, calcium oxide, sulphur, copper oxide, carbon and magnesium that creates the pungent smell and stain the rocks a green colour. Molten volcanic lava is not part of the toxic mix; otherwise the carter would not be safe to visit.

There are more than 20 belching pools of muddy water to enjoy.
Botanical Gardens The Diamond Falls botanical gardens is located near the town of Soufriere and is a major tourist attraction in St.Lucia.

Started in 1983 by Mrs Joan Devaux, the botanical gardens boasts flowers and shrubs of all colours and types and can be enjoyed all year round due to the beautiful Caribbean climate.

Hibiscus, Ixora, Heliconia, Anthurium and the magnificent Balisier with their exotic blossoms and equally exotic names, brighten the gardens and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors to St.Lucia.

The Diamond Botanical Gardens are part of the Soufriere Estate. This 2,000-acre land grant was presented by King Louis XIV in 1713 to three Devaux brothers from Normandy in recognition of their services to France.

The gardens feature a fine waterfall and mineral baths which are fed directly from the dormant Soufriere Volcano, also known as the Sulphur Springs, and underground hot springs.
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